Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Week 44, Day 310, March 3, 2010, Bowls and Cook Books

My wife likes bowls and cook books, and collects both.  We have several bowls from local potters (you know who you are.) There's also a bowl from a local artist (you also know who you are.)  There are bowls from Italy, and antique bowls from her mother.  These are just a few of the bowls and cook books that she has.  I like the variety of colors and shapes.

I like the subject matter for this photo, but I think it needs something.  Since this blog is about learning, I'd appreciate any suggestions that you might have.

Lessons Learned:
  • I think I'm at the stage where sometimes I can take a good photo, but it takes a very conscience effort.  This isn't one of the great ones, but it has potential.
Photo details: Exposure time 3.2 sec, Aperture f/6.3, ISO 100, Focal Length 17 mm, Lens Canon EF 17-40mm, tripod, a couple of lamps for lighting.


toledonative said...

Hmmm....I like the comfort this shot portrays - the bowls and cookbooks are homey.

I think maybe it's both a bit too busy (a lot of bowls - they get a bit lost), and also too symmetrical.

I'm not sure that's it exactly, but I agree with you - it's a good shot but needs a little something different. I may be wrong.

I do like it overall though!

James said...

Take away the books and relpace them with ceral boxes. j/k :)

maybe if you made room and added a small plant. That might liven up the picture?

Pam said...

I too love the idea of this shot, but it seems a little too bright to me. Toning down the light (maybe just natural light, or side lighting?) would complement the old-fashioned look of the bowls and make the back wall of the cabinet less prominent.

Did you try taking the picture from the level of the other two shelves? It would be interesting to see if the change in perspective adds any more interest to the shot.

Nicki said...

I was thinking it was too straight on a shot - maybe take at an angle or add some of whatever is to the side of the shelving.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

WHO AM I indeed :)

Andrey Dorokhov said...

Love that idea! Thank you!