Saturday, June 12, 2010

June 12, 2010 Cornell Unviersity Alumni Weekend

It's Alumni Weekend at Cornell University.  Every year thousands of alumni return to Cornell to meet up with old friends, see the University, and enjoy the Ithaca Summer Weather.

Several groups on campus set up boths in Barton Hall on the indoor track.  This year the Cornell Outdoor Education program set up wires far above the track where alumni could check out their mountain climbing skills.

This photo is a silhouette of an Alumni as he traverses the wire. There is frosted glass in the background with the Cornell name, and a map of the world. 


Reverend Awesome said...

StevO! Super cool. God that would be soo scary. Such an awesome shot! You capture crazy moments.

We had the marines come into gym class and we had to repel down the gym one time from the balcony. We didn't HAVE to but they sort of forced me to do it. Tied the rope around my waist, picked me up by the rope and held me in the air and said, "If you tied the rope correctly you shouldn't be able to feel this." Well I didn't feel it, but I was kinda freaked out all the same. Then I got to the top of the bleachers and I said, "you know. I think I'm not going to do this and these gloves are too big." The marine took off his gloves, put them on my hands and said, "you're doing it" and I did it. I was scared but I did it.

I will never forget being picked up by a rope as if I weighed 5 pounds. Like it was no big thing. Now my brother will probably go to schools and do the same thing to people.

Becky Jo said...

Kasey! I remember that... and somewhere, in some yearbook, is a photo of me rappelling upside-down from the balcony in the gym. Yikes.

Steve, that is an awesome shot. You should see if Cornell Alumni would put it on their website or newsletter. :)

Levonne said...

A great capture in that photo. That was not easy to get. Good work! Have fun at Cornell.

toledonative said...

Fantastic shot! The composition is really great!