Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday Wine Tasting the Finger Lakes

The Finger Lakes Region of NY has some fantastic wineries. Last Friday Judy and I were able to take a shuttle tour of several of the Wineries around Seneca Lake.

Although we really enjoyed the day long event, I think that one or two wineries would be enough for one day. My palate quickly looses it's ability to distinguish between the various wines.  

We really enjoyed the Dry Riesling and the Gewurztraminer.

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Reverend Awesome said...

That would be fun. My palette is not all that advanced. I know I like white wine. I love riesling! Really you could give me a 3 dollar bottle of wine or a 20 dollar one and I'm certain I wouldn't be able to tell the different.
I'll tell you what I do know about, wine coolers!
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