Sunday, November 8, 2009

Week 28, Day 199, November 9, 2009, Old Barn in the Fall, Weekly Winner in Online Viewer Poll

It's an incredible day. It's 60 degrees. The sun is shining, and all the leaves are off the trees.

Many times when I photograph things I tend to use specific lens for specific types of photography.  My wider angle lens I use the most.  My telephoto lens I tend to use on sports photography, or when objects are far away.  My 50mm lens has a narrow aperture setting with a f-stop of 1.8.  I tend to use that for people, or very low light when I can get close to objects.

Because I have these options of lens, and usually have access to all of them, I tend to limit how I photograph.  Today I went for a walk with just one lens to try and see things in new ways, and photograph in new ways.  I took my telephoto lens.  I think I shall try this more often.

Lessons Learned:
  • Try new things for new results.
Weekly winner in online viewer poll.
    Photo details: Exposure time 1/60 sec, Aperture f/8.0, ISO 100, Focal Length 108 mm, 35 mm equivalent focal length 176mm, Lens Canon 70-200mm f2.8L USM, handheld, Changed to sepia with Picasa.

    This Monochrome concept came from Aileni at The Monochrome Weekly


    Aileni said...

    I like using zooms of up to 200mm. I enjoy the versatility.
    Nice sepia - suits the subject.

    Leslie: said...

    Since I'm not up on all the different lenses, I'll comment on the feel of the photo. I'm wondering who used to live in this cabin - a fur trapper? a miner? a family? It makes me want to see it myself and explore it and the surrounding area.

    AB said...

    Looks even older in black and white.

    Elisabeth said...

    What an interesting old building. Photographing old and abandoned things is such fun...nice job.

    SquirrelQueen said...

    An intriguing old house, lovely in monochrome.

    Kilauea Poetry said...

    Nice job..I really like this image in sepia- terrific and the place looks intriguing as well-

    Kcalpesh said...

    Interesting shot!

    - Pixellicious Photos

    John said...

    When I shoot film, which I now do more and more, I mostly work with fixed focal length lenses. I have also started taking the odd trip where I limit myself to one lens; today was a 135/2.8 on a Contax body, FP4 and the local churchyard.
    I have to say I'm not a convert to sepia and other tints, I think I would prefer it in b&w.

    Gary's third pottery blog said...

    oooh Stevo! Nice!
    See you and J. Tuesday,
    Btw, had to move my blog, ran out of memory

    Dimple said...

    I like the picture a lot; the barn used to be in a cleared area, but the underbrush is taking over. The tree on the front corner, right against the roof, has been there a long time. I suspect it would be a good shot in color or black & white, as well.

    RuneE said...

    A telephoto is very suitable here since its shallow depth of field can be utilizes to "hide" the background. Monochrome and old buildings goes together hand in hand.