Monday, September 28, 2009

Week 22, Day 158, September 28, 2009, Reflection of the Law School, Winner of week 22 in the online viewer poll. Winner for month of September in online viewer poll.

Just before it was time to leave work a very quick storm arrived.  There was thunder, there was lightning, there was wind, there was rain blowing sideways, and then there was sun.  As quickly as it came, it left.  Many of the walkways had a lot of water on them including under the arches at the Cornell University Law School.  The reflections were great, and the stones were starting to dry, and had interesting patterns on them from various degrees of wetness.

I thought it was a great opportunity for photos, and I think making it monochrome helped to bring out the variations in the wetness of the stone.  I hope you enjoy.

Lessons Learned:
  • I used to be concerned about getting my photo for the day when it was raining.  Now, I'm discovering all sorts of possibilities, and look forward to the changes in the weather.
  • It's helpful to have a daughter who is very creative.  She's a Landscape Architect who is living in Maine.  If you live near Portland, and need a great Landscape Architect, she's your person. I asked for her opinion on this daily photo.  It was between this one, and the brick wall that gives me vertigo when I look at the photo.
 Photo details: Exposure time 1/320 sec, Aperture f/5.0, ISO 200, Focal Length 40 mm, 35 mm equivalent focal length 78mm, Lens Canon EF 17-40mm, handheld.

Winner of week 22 in the online viewer poll. Winner for the month of September in online viewer poll.

This Monochrome concept came from Aileni at The Monochrome Weekly


Elizabeth Gilje said...

Very very cool shot!! The reflection in the water and the softness in the stones from the different levels of "dry" all come together for a variety of intriguing textures.

You do have me interested in the vertigo picture. Perhaps a shot for tomorrow?

momto6 said...

Love the shot, Steve!!

Ritsumei said...

This is super cool! I'm going to have to give puddles a second look in my own photo-a-day project. Thanks for the idea.

Aileni said...

An excellent catch - well observed.

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

awesome STEVO! and then I saw you 5 minutes later :)

lynnevincent said...

That is a beautiful shot!

AB said...

A nice reflection shot.

brattcat said...

An amazing shot!

MyMaracas said...

Wonderful shot! It's perfect in black and white. Well worth a frame, this one.