Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Week 1 - Day 5 - May 5, 2009 "McGraw Tower I"

I could not work at Cornell, and not have a photo of McGraw Tower. I had to move a computer from Olin Library back to our building, so I took my camera with me.

I did use Picasa for the blurred effects with the people and the trees.


  • I should really carry a tripod with me at all times. I find myself wanting to use it more often to steady the lens, and be able to use a larger aperture.
  • Time, Time, Time. I have to spend more time taking the photos, and trying different things. Time is also important as to the time of day, and the lighting of the day. I was thinking if I get here first thing in the morning, I could probably take the photo without any people.
  • Themes. Lately I've been thinking about themes. I think I can see where some people become experts in taking certain types of photos. Each type contains it's own challenges, and it would be fun to explore all the ways that you could photograph the same subject. Maybe for one of the months I'll focus on a specific theme.

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bettiezachary said...

i look forward to you new picture every night doing a good job steve