Friday, May 8, 2009

Week 2 - Day 8 - May 8, 2009 "Collegetown Bagels"

(Please Click on image to see the full resolution)

When we create our website at work, the designer wanted banner photos for the top of the page. I really liked the format, and I think it works well for this scene. Collegetown Bagels is always a busy place in the spring. I think this would be a great spot to take a lot of photos during the day looking for just the right one.

  • Blogspot does a horrible job with the resolution of this type of photo on the main page.
  • A busy street scene has a lot of potential.
  • Cropping in new ways can have a dramatic effect on the photo.
  • I'm having a difficult time selecting only one photo per day. Sometimes it's a toss up between 3 or 4. There isn't always one in particular that stands out to me.
Photo Details: Exposure Time 1/250, Aperture f/11, ISO 400, Lens Canon EF 17-40mm.

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