Saturday, June 20, 2009

Week 8 - Day 51, June 20, 2009 "Wedding"

What a day! I was asked by a friend to take photographs at his wedding. I'm both intrigued by the idea of photographing a wedding, as well as terrified. I have heard horror stories of people who have had a lot of problems photographing weddings. I agreed to take the photos when I learned that it was an informal wedding in a park.

The weather was rain most of the day. The wedding took place in a tent outside a pavilion in the park. The reception was inside that pavilion, and on the porch outside the pavilion. The wedding was incredible, and beautiful.

With all of these various areas, the lighting was a real challenge. Inside the pavilion there were florescent lights. Outside the pavilion there were cloud covered skies. In the tent there were no lights, so the contrast of light between the inside of the tent and the outside of the tent was large. I had to use a flash for most of the tent photos.

All in all I think the photos turned out well. I hope the couple enjoys them.

This is one of my favorite photos from the wedding.

Lessons Learned:
  • Taking photos at a wedding calls for some very quick changes of camera settings. The landscapes that I have been photographing allow me a lot of time to make changes on the camera, try something, and take another photo. At a wedding, if the camera isn't set correctly the moment is lost. I think that's why so many photographers take a lot of time after the wedding to recreate parts of the ceremony to get the photos right.
  • Using two cameras with two lenses helps. I borrowed my daughter's camera and had a wide angle lens on that camera, and my telephoto lens on my camera.
Photo details: Exposure time 1/1000, Aperture f/4.0, ISO 200, Focal Length 26 mm, 35 mm equivalent focal length 43mm, Lens Canon EF 17-40mm, hand held.


Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

looks great amigo :)

Yassine Diboun said...

You did such a great job Steve...the photos came out great! Thanks for being so awesome!

Gallow said...

Thank you Yassine. I had a lot of fun, even with all the photo challenges. I really enjoyed the service. It was very uplifting, and had a great message. I'm very happy for the two of you.

Elizabeth Gilje said...

This is great advice (and picture)! I had a friend just ask me to photograph their wedding and I'm deeply honored, yet terrified. These tips were really helpful. If you have any others, I'd love to hear them. The two camera technique is great since I have a 18-55 lens and a 55-200 lens and like you said, you can lose the moment trying to make camera changes.