Thursday, January 7, 2010

Week 36, Day 25, January 6, 2009, Black Mark

Today is a black mark on my Year in Photos.  I did not take a photo on this day.  I got home, worked on some photography for an upcoming project, and met with a client.  I did a lot of photography work, but no took no photos.  I realized it after I had gone to bed for the night.

I have failed.  Sorry faithful reader.  I'll try and do better.  It's been a crazy week.

Lessons Learned:
  • I won't always succeed.
  • They day just didn't feel right.
Photo Details: Zilch, Nada, Zero, 


Emma said...

Wow! i almost missed today too! I realised after coming home at 11.30pm after birthday drinks for my partner's mother that I didnt get the camera out at all! A quick shot of the dog before bed, but really disappointed in myself. Unlike you I have been doing this since the start of the year - um 7 days so you are way more hardcore!!!

James said...

I know how that is. I've been trying to catch up on my blog hopping as well as posting. I did take some photos though.
You deserve a break!

joanneaspinall said...

Hi Steve, I just wanted to introduce myself. I got connected to your blog through DPS a few months ago. I'm an amateur photographer in AZ that is trying to learn everything I can. I have been inspired by your blog, and other Project365 blogs I've been reading, to start my own this year (

I was kind of happy to see your post today as I wimped out today as well! Thanks for sharing your great photos with me (unwittingly!). I really appreciate your "lessons learned".

Nicki said...

I am truly impressed that you have gotten through so many days. I tried this last year and think I may have made it a week.

Elizabeth Gilje said...

Everyone get's a gimmie! I'm only on Day 7 and already nearly missed yesterday. I would have had to say I couldn't even make it one week. You've done an incredible job keeping up with it and improving your photo skills. I think one day is your "breather". :)

Sorry I don't always get a chance to comment, but I see every shot. :)