Thursday, January 14, 2010

Week 37, Day 265, January 14, 2010, The Seal

I walked under the tower at the Cornell Law School today, and the lighting was just right on the Cornell Seal.  The rocks were drying, but still had moister on the edges.  The sun was setting, and cast a yellow glow through the arch.

This was my favorite photo of the day.

Lessons Learned:
  • I took a variety of photos today.  Some were almost what I wanted, but just lacked a little.  Today's lesson is that I will keep these photos for ideas for future photo opportunities, and try and remember the mistakes that I made this time.
  • Sometimes photography is not the right thing.  On the way home tonight there was an accident in front of our bus.  A truck was on fire, and the fire trucks were not there yet.  Several people on the bus mentioned that I should take a photo.  We were stuck in traffic so I got off the bus with my camera and approached the scene.  I could see some of the police heading toward the ambulance, and decided this was an inappropriate time for me to take a photo.  I turned and left the scene without using my camera.
Photo details: Exposure time 1/25 sec, Aperture f/7.1, ISO 200, Focal Length 17 mm, Lens Canon EF 17-40mm, hand held.


Angela Covington said...

I love this one! I've been following your blog since the first of the year and you've inspired me to start my own 365 day project. You've got some great photos!

Andrew said...

Fantastic! It looks surreal, almost like it was rendered in a graphics program!

Tunes Photo said...

Great shot! The light, colours and motive is perfect!

Yolanda said...

Great perspective with the medallion just in the right spot - pleasing to look at, and nice soft tones!

RuneE said...

Simple and elegant

PS And I agree with you when it comes to when to snap, or not.

Breanna said...

I love it! It almost looks like you used HDR. Nice shot.

imagidiem said...

Love it! Good timing on the light.

ruma2008 said...

It is a wonderful place ticking away the history.

I have visited Stanford University.
The American university is splendid.

From the Far East.

AB said...

I love the tones and the patterns in this shot.