Saturday, April 10, 2010

Week 50, Day 346, April 10, 2010, The Horse is Out of the Barn

It's officially spring time.  The neighbors horses are out of the barn.

Lessons Learned:
  • I stopped by the Main Street Gallery in Groton, NY.  I'm ashamed to say that this is only the second time that I have been there.  (I think it's similar to many people who live in NYC have never gone to the Statue of Liberty.)  I'm very glad that I did.  The art was fantastic, and the owners are very nice people.  I came away with more ideas for my own photography.  So, today's lesson is take time to look at other people's work.
  • I took off my UV filter from this lens, and just put my circular polarizer filter.  I think that the quality of the UV filter wasn't the best, and was degrading my photos.  I'll keep you posted on my success.  I did put my circular polarizer filter on the lens to protect it.
Photo details: Exposure time 1/400 sec, Aperture f/3.2, ISO 100, Focal Length 155 mm, Lens Canon 70-200mm f2.8L USM, handheld, circular polarizer filter.


Andrew said...

Yeah apparently even a good UV filter will slightly degrade your image quality. So that and vignetting are two reasons to only ever have one filter on at any time.

Anonymous said...

I love the rich color! And it feels sharper.

Sandra said...

I have taken that advice "take the time to look at other peoples work" is an advice that 've taken to heart since last month. It's amazing the inspiration I've aquired from that.
Also interesting, UV is the only filter I've ever used and I've not had a problems with it. It also gives me peace of mind because I feel my lens has an extra layer of protection. keep us posted.

Silvia said...

It is so beautiful! Horses are exquisite models. They are so gracious and perfect. And this one really has an extraordinary colour!

Beaneyman said...

Steve lovely sharp shot he looks glad to finally be outside !... hmm interesting comment about uv?? I've never taken mine off so even when using my Circular polariser and and an Nd filter I' dont recall any degradation in my shots. never the less next oppotunity I will try with and without see what differnce it makes.