Thursday, April 15, 2010

Week 50, Day 351, April 15, 2010, Small Flowers

After one of my meetings I was walking back to my office.  I noticed a whole hill full of these small flowers.  The sun was out, and shining on them.  I didn't have my camera with me.  I returned to the same hill after work, and the Sun was no longer shining.  I tired a few photograph of the hill, but they weren't very spectacular.  Instead I began getting down very low and taking photos close up.  I think the colors are brighter because of the lack of Sunshine.

Lessons Learned:
  • It's important to be able to adapt to the situation as it presents itself.  Lighting and environment can change very quickly.
Photo details: Exposure time 1/100 sec, Aperture f/4.0, ISO 100, Focal Length 40 mm, Lens Canon EF 17-40mm, handheld, circular polarizer filter. 


Andrew said...

Fantastic shot! The composition, colors, DoF, and focus are all totally perfect! I need to get a CPL...

Yolanda said...

It's very dimensional - I love all the different depths and sizes of the flowers. Beautiful brilliant colors - it's just a happy photo! I, too, need a CPL.

Andrey Dorokhov said...

Beautiful spots of colors!
It's too early in our region for that, but I expect I will see first flowers just starting growing from the ground this weekend when we go again out of the city to our country house.