Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Week 51, Day 356, April 20, 2010, Attack of the Killer Rabbit

I think this is one of those future subject photos.  I took a few photos of some rabbits in my back yard.  The next thing I know, they are running around and "playing".   I hope to catch them "playing" again some other time, and I'll have my camera set to a faster speed.  They are very quick.  I think I'll name the one with the black mark on his face "Al Capone".

Lessons Learned:
  • I'm still attempting to learn how to use the 2x extender.  I definitively need to use a tripod when I use it.  I think I also need to shoot at higher ISO speeds for a quicker shutter speed.  It's very easy to blur the image.
Photo details: Exposure time 1/125 sec, Aperture f/5.6, ISO 1600, Focal Length 400 mm, Lens Canon 70-200mm f2.8L USM, 2x extender, tripod.


Mike Simmons said...

I had to click on the image to see them - they really blend with the surroundings. "Al Capone" looks like he might be some sort of "king-pin".

I like your Smug Mug feature. I've thought about putting mine on too. I think I might copy you, Steve. :)

Andrew said...

If you're good, a monopod might suffice for 400mm... but you might want to get a ring that mounts the lens to the monopod to help with balance.

Both Sides of Ben Marlan said...

Nat Geo, here you come!!!
ever think abt being one of those photographers? such incredible shots. i love that magazine.

Gallow said...


I do have a monopod, but it's not a very good one. It tends to collapse. I haven't purchased a better one yet. I also have the ring that mounts to the lens. You are right, that does make a big difference in the balance.


Gallow said...


lol, his/her new name is King Pin Al Capone.


I'd love to take photographs for National Geographic. I need to get a lot better. Those photos are incredible.